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Math Games for Kids

When it comes to learning math, practice makes perfect, but sometimes solving problems over and over again can become a bit boring. Math games help kids build and practice using essential math skills in a way that is a little more exciting than traditional worksheets and flash cards. In addition to making solving problems fun, many math games take the skills that kids need to know and put them into real-life contexts, helping kids understand the relevance behind the essential math skills. Check out the list of resources below which highlight some of the better math game websites.

Preschool Games

Preschool games focus on skills such as counting, sorting and understanding concepts such as “largest” and “smallest.” Many of the games incorporate fun sounds, bright colors and kids’ favorite characters to make the activities more enjoyable. Giving kids second chances and offering positive reinforcement for right answers can motivate kids to build their basic math skills.

  • PBS Kids: Math Games – Geared toward preschoolers, games include kids’ favorite PBS characters such as Clifford, Curious George, Barney, and The Cat in the Hat.
  • Disney Jr. Counting and Math – Disney Jr.’s math games feature popular Disney characters such as Winnie the Pooh, Handy Manny, and Mickey Mouse who help kids build their counting skills and other basic number skills.
  • Nick Jr. Numbers & Shapes Games – Kids will count, learn their shapes, and solve simple addition and subtraction problems as they play games with Dora the Explorer, Team Umizoomi, and other favorite Nick Jr. characters.
  • Zoodles – Zoodles allows preschoolers to play math games in a safe and secure environment, offering only the highest quality games for kids.
  • Fisher-Price Online Games – Designed to be played by infants, toddlers and preschoolers, a few of the games offered by Fisher-Price involve concepts such as shapes, counting, and general problem solving.
  • Jumpstart – Kids can play math games as they navigate through Jumpstart’s online virtual world. You have to register to play.
  • – In the preschool section, kids will find games related to counting, shapes, days of the week, and number patterns.
  • – The preschool games from Kaboose and Funschool help children build basic math skills through real-life activities such as fishing, building houses, and creating pictures with shapes.

Elementary School Games

Most online math games for kids focus on elementary skills. At the elementary level, kids learn how to add, subtract, multiply and divide. They also begin using fractions and decimals, learn how to use a number line, and begin to explore concepts of geometry, such as perimeter and area. Many games for kids in elementary school motivate students to build their math skills by including multiple levels, milestones to reach, and friendly competition.

  • Math Game Time – Offering games for kids in Pre-K through 7th grade, the majority of games focus on elementary math skills and cover concepts from time and money to basic addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.
  • FunBrain: Number Games – When students play number games at FunBrain they can save their games and receive a special password to continue their progress. Many of the games are sports-related.
  • – The website combines math games with free foundations programs to help elementary students build essential math skills.
  • Math Playground – In addition to multiplayer math games, kids will find interactive thinking blocks to help them practice key skills.
  • Smarty Games – Games from Smarty Games include video game styled activities, focusing on skills such as counting money, telling time, and performing basic operations as quickly as possible.
  • Math Blaster – Takes kids on an interactive galactic adventure as they enter outer space and accomplish missions that require them to use their math skills.
  • Prongo – Designed for children from ages 3-12, Prongo’s games focus on basic addition and multiplication skills and also include brain teasers to build problem-solving and logical reasoning skills.
  • Math Play – Games offered by Math Play are organized by grade-level and concept, making it easy to find games focused on the skills kids need to practice.

Middle School Games

While most online math games are not designed with middle school students in mind, they provide a tool for helping middle school students refresh their knowledge of multiplication, division, and other basic skills. The few games geared toward kids in middle school focus on algebraic and geometric concepts, such as using the order of operations, solving equations with fractions, and finding area and volume.

  • Arcademic Skill Builders – Designed for elementary and middle school students, the website features multi-player games related to fractions, decimals, and integers to allow students to race against their friends as they build their math foundation.
  • Sheppard Software – Games from Sheppard Software help middle school students improve their math skills through arcade-style games focused on mixed operations, fractions, place value, and algebra.
  • Hooda Math – Every week kids will find three new online math games related to arithmetic, geometry, and logic puzzles.
  • MathMovesU – Kids choose a character and start earning points as they play math games related to sports, travel, music, and fashion. Middle schoolers can also learn about math and earn points as they play Sum of All Thrills, a roller coaster based game.
  • Hotmath – Not only can kids play games related to graphing and divisibility, they can also find videos and homework problems that are matched with specific chapters in their textbooks.
  • XP Math – XP Math offers arcade-style games aligned to the Common Core State Standards for grades 5-9.
  • BrainPop GAMEUP – Games from BrainPop’s GAMEUP allow kids to play games with a real-life focus and unique scenarios.

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